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Where is an AD Account Lockout Occurring?

How often do you hear “my account keeps getting locked out” followed by “I’m not typing my password wrong”? I’ve found the easiest and quickest way to determine where the account lockout occurred is to query the PDC Emulator with Powershell. You may require a domain admin to do this. Depending on your environment, if you are seeing lockouts occurring on a workstation, it will generally be typing a password wrong or saved credentials somewhere. If you are seeing them at a UAG or CAS server, investigate their activesync devices. If you need to remove these ActiveSync devices: If you get an error like “An unexpected error has occurred and a Watson dump is being generated: Object reference not set to an instance” then set this before running remove:

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Create New Device in SCCM Using Powershell

Creating a new device in SCCM using powershell with 2012 R1 requires using WMI as there is no cmdlet to do so, but thankfully this is easier now using the CIM cmdlets. Of course if you have 2012 R2 then use Import-CMComputerInformation (thanks @david_obrien) $SCCMSiteServer = ‘SiteServer.FQDN.com’ $SCCMNamespace = ‘Root\SMS\Site_AAA’ $MACAddress = ’00:11:22:33:44:55′ $DeviceName = ‘PCNAME001’ Invoke-CimMethod -ClassName “SMS_Site” -Namespace $SCCMNamespace -ComputerName $SCCMSiteServer -MethodName ‘ImportMachineEntry’ -Arguments @{ MACAddress = $MACAddress; NetbiosName = $DeviceName } As a bonus, here are some functions to create your devices along with basic validation of mac address NB. The “Stugr” in the function names is simply to avoid any clashes with official cmdlets function Format-StugrMACAddress { Param( [Parameter(Mandatory=$true)][string]$MACAddress ) # strip possible variations of dividers $MACAddress = $MACAddress.Replace(‘ ‘,”).Replace(‘:’,”).Replace(‘-‘,”) # mac address must be 12 characters (with no dividers) and hexadecimal if($MACAddress.Length -eq 12 -and $MACAddress -match “^[A-Fa-f0-9]+$”) { return ($MACAddress -replace “(..(?!$))”,’$1:’) # insert … Continue reading

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Install Windows 8.1 Preview on an Australian Surface RT

If you have tried to install the Windows 8.1 Preview on an EN-AU Surface RT, you will have encountered this error: Follow these steps to set your Surface to EN-US so that you can install the Preview. This has been tested on 2x Australian Surface RT’s but it should work on other languages too.

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WSUS – Limit SQL (Windows Internal Database) memory

You may discover your WSUS servers SQL instance using most of the available memory – to limit its maximum memory usage, you can either do it via command line or via gui. Configure via GUI Open SQL Management Studio Connect to \\.\pipe\Microsoft##WID\tsql\query for WSUS 4 (Server 2012) or \\.\pipe\mssql$microsoft##ssee\sql\query for WSUS 3 using Windows Authentication Right click the server in Object Explorer and choose Properties

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Send to Notepad as Admin

As an administrator, how often do you open a config file located in a protected directory, like \Windows or \Program Files, edit it, then hit save and get this lovely message? There is a pretty easy workaround for this, however it will require you to think about how you open the file before you actually open it. Type “shell:sendto” into an explorer address bar. You will end up at “%appdata%\Microsoft\Windows\SendTo”

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Windows – Mouse shortcuts

This will be a quick post in my current series of Windows tips and tricks – this time detailing a couple of Mouse “shortcuts” – some exclusive to Win7, others more universal. Keyboard shortcuts: detailed here The tips I find most useful: detailed here Double clicking different parts of a window DoubleClick the top left corner of a window to close it (very useful for those used to OSX and it’s close button being in the top left. I use whichever corner my mouse is closest to at the time) DoubleClick the top/bottom border of a window to vertically maximise (the window will auto expand only up and down to hit the edges of your desktop) DoubleClick anywhere on the title bar of a window to maximise it (I don’t remember the last time I actually went to the top right to click the maximise button instead of just doing … Continue reading

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Windows – Keyboard shortcuts

Here you will find a large collection of my oft used Windows keyboard shortcuts. Some are specifically for Windows 7, while others are more universally useful. Apologies in advance if you know most of these. NB. Win is the WindowsKey Using Windows itself, and Applications within it Alt+Tab Tab through open windows Alt+Shift+Tab Tab through open windows in reverse order Alt+D Focus Address Bar Alt+Enter Show Properties of the file/folder selected Alt+Prt Scr Put a screenshot of the currently selected window into clipboard (explained) Shift+Del Delete forever, bypassing Recycle Bin Alt+F4 Close Application Ctrl+F4 Close Tab Ctrl+Shift+Enter Launch as elevated user (explained) Ctrl+Shift+Esc Show Taskmanager Win+D Show Desktop Win+L Lock Workstation Win+E Open Explorer Win+R Open Run Dialog Win+F Search Win+P Cycle through display mode/output devices (explained) Win+Down Minimise Win+Up Maximise Win+1/2/3 etc Switch between pinned apps according to number Win+type search term Search index for item (explained) F2 Rename F5 … Continue reading

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Windows 7 – the most useful tips

Below is a small collection of the Windows 7 tips I find the most useful, and most likely to be adopted by staff. Cycle through display mode / output devices (WindowsKey+P) Laptop users rejoice – there is now a super easy way for you to cycle through output modes, whether it be to run just the laptop screen, extend to a secondary monitor, or output to a projector. You no longer need to rely on knowing each manufacturers function key combo. I personally use this at home daily to switch between using my monitor and TV. Open another instance of anything on the taskbar (MiddleClick or Shift+LeftClick) Already have a browser windows open and want another? Simply MiddleClick (or Shift+LeftClick for those without a middle mouse button) the icon in the taskbar to quickly launch another instance. This works for any app that allows multiple copies to be open (windows explorer, … Continue reading

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