This will be a quick post in my current series of Windows tips and tricks – this time detailing a couple of Mouse “shortcuts” – some exclusive to Win7, others more universal.

Keyboard shortcuts: detailed here
The tips I find most useful: detailed here

Double clicking different parts of a window

  • DoubleClick the top left corner of a window to close it
    (very useful for those used to OSX and it’s close button being in the top left. I use whichever corner my mouse is closest to at the time)
  • DoubleClick the top/bottom border of a window to vertically maximise
    (the window will auto expand only up and down to hit the edges of your desktop)
  • DoubleClick anywhere on the title bar of a window to maximise it
    (I don’t remember the last time I actually went to the top right to click the maximise button instead of just doing this)

Double clicking different parts of a window

Open another instance of anything on the taskbar

Read all about it in this blog post

Middle click taskbar

Middle click icon on taskbar (or shift + left click)

Drag a window to the left or right edge of the screen to view side by side (part of Snap)

View 2 windows side by side

There is also Peek and Shake which I find less than useful and so won’t detail here.